Monday, November 1, 2010

Journey to Joy

The morning before I facilitated the breast cancer labyrinth walk I read in Journey Beyond Words
"Simply listen for joy, listen for the FEELINGS of joy - and with it will come peace."
So many of us get caught up in life that we forget to become quiet and sit still and feel the joy that is inside all of us ALL THE TIME.
The book that is written by Brent Haskell as a companion to the workbook A Course in Miracles explains further: "When you feel joy, it will well up inside you. It will seem, as if the sun were shining within your being with such radiance that it must burst free.
"I promise you the joy IS there. There is nothing you can do to remove it. You can pull the shades so you cannot see it or feel it, but it is not possible to change its presence or remove it. Do your best to KNOW within your being that it is there.
"See it as a goal. See it as a mountaintop which you know you can reach. Perhaps the goal seems too far in the distance for you to see. Perhaps the mountaintop is covered with clouds. Simply know that it IS there. And in your knowing that the joy is there, you begin to open your being to its presence and the joy WILL come."
A labyrinth too is a journey to joy. As you walk the twists and turns you let go of all your baggage, emotional and mental, and you discover the real you, your essence, again. And the essence of your being is LOVE. And Love is JOY!
To walk through your journey with breast cancer towards joy is a wonderful experience of acceptance. As one of the walkers wrote to me afterwards: "When I was diagnosed with breast cancer people spoke about it being a 'journey' which I couldn't relate to at all because for me breast cancer was just a disease that needed to be cured. But during the walk I understood and accepted that my journey with breast cancer is part and parcel of the overall journey of my life and I don't need to be afraid anymore!"
May you all have magical labyrinth experiences that enable you to connect with your true essense: JOY!
May your labyrinth journey bring you peace and fun.
May you be filled with joy and laughter.
And may you find meaning in everything that you do.
Blessings in love and joy.