Friday, July 6, 2012

Silence is golden....

Silence is the origin of all creativity. Ok, so that does not excuse me for being soooooo quiet for soooooo long, BUT I do have an AMAZING labyrinth to show that was built by four gods and two goddesses. In Spain!
I facilitated a Creating Sacred Spaces labyrinth workshop one full moon ago at Shunyata retreat in La Fuensanta (the holy spring), near Almeria in the south of Spain. A dream that my friend John Ashwell, whom I met last year at a vision quest, and I shared.
We had four days before the magestic full moon of June. A local Spanish couple were already invited to join us to walk and drum under the moonlight... To be honest, after I saw the allocated space, which still needed to be cleared and levelled, I had my doubts whether we will finish building the labyrinth in time! Here is a photo journal:

It's a loooong way to go still. Early Friday morning.

A retaining wall had to be built to level the space for the labyrinth...

Ain't that neat?

Burning and clearing the land, also our emotional baggage.

The four gods of the labyrinth: Phil, the visionary (east, left); John, the healer (south); Mick, the teacher (west); and Ric, the warrior (north, right).

Susan adding a feminine touch to the space.

Marking the pattern. With the BEST team: a structural engineer and a fashion guru!

We do what goddesses do best: dancing!

Hauling the heavy stones from the nearby ploughed almond groves took some creative thinking! 

It takes two to tango...

And only one to make us laugh!

Nearly done. Saturday afternoon... ok evening already, but the sun sets so late in the Northern Hemisphere during summer it feels like afternoon. I still can't believe we finished building the labyrinth in just two days!

We had the MOST amazing full moon labyrinth walk and drummed away into the night.

The full moon rising.

What a setting! Can you HEAR the silence? Can you FEEL the stillness? 

May you all find a sacred space where you can sit in silence and connect with the stillness within, the song of your soul!

*** All the pictures were taken by Susan Greeff (except the last one and the one of the retaining wall which were taken by John Ashwell).

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Fall equinox labyrinth walk

Come and walk the labyrinth to commemorate the beginning of autumn in the Southern Hemisphere on this sacred day of equilibrium. You will reflect on balance in your life: yin/yang, light/dark, and feminine/masculine; as you prepare yourself to retreat into the darkness of winter in this next spiral of time.

The walk will be followed with a transmutation ceremony, so consider what undesirable personal characteristics, habits and beliefs you want transmuted and what you want them to transform into – for instance, anger into calmness, control into free flow, emotional pain into love.

When:                                    21 March 2012
Time:                                      09h30 – 12h30
Where:                                   Rustenberg Wine Farm, Stellenbosch
Bring:                                      A crystal or a stone.  
Cost:                                      R200
Directions:                            Phone Terry de Vries at 082 442 5623