Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Life is beautiful!

This is my motto since I've done an AMAZING vision quest in the mountains last month. It doesn't matter if life gives you lemons (make lemonade or a hot toddy or even better, drink tequila!) or pomegranates (mmm, bloodred sensual pleasure), life still stays beautiful. It's just a matter of how you handle the situation: do you get entangled in the drama (and the ego) or can you stay detached and become an observer?

And yes, it does take practice! But isn't that the beauty of life - you always get to practice it again and again until you get it right.

In the mountains I have found my inner peace again. A deep quiet inner stillness that permeates my soul and my life. And although life is still happening around me (trust me I have thought about buying that bottle of tequila), I manage to keep that inner stillness. What a wonderful gift!

Walking a labyrinth can also bring you back to that inner stillness, that quiet space within you. It's like Joseph Campbell says: "Your ego diminishes and your consciousness expands to an experience of bliss as though the veil of time is lifted and our minds are opened to eternity."

Join me on INTERNATIONAL LABYRINTH DAY this Saturday, 7th May 5pm, to celebrate the beauty of life with a labyrinth walk at Jan Marais Nature Reserve in Stellenbosch. If you can't join me, walk any labyrinth - even if it is with your fingers on a handheld labyrinth - to commemorate this special day with people all over the world.

May you all be blessed with beauty in your life. May you all find inner peace again. May you all realize life IS beautiful!

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